Military police vs. Villagers. İkizdere resists…

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Women in İkizdere have said, “We are determined, we will resist” and added: “Our President should come and see our situation. We do not do politics, we are defending our living space.”

Demonstration ban in İkizdere amid resistance against stone quarry

The Governor’s Office of Rize has banned meetings and demonstrations in İkizdere, citing “public order” as the reason for the ban.
Cengiz Holding has sent a letter to the villagers who object to the mine that the company wants to operate in Mount Ida: “Sell your land or we will appeal to the ministry and request expropriation.”
The Northern Forests Defense has called on the General Directorate of Forestry, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and the Governor’s Office of İstanbul to act and fulfill their obligations in line with the decision.

Turkey’s plastic waste import from European countries has increased by eight times in five years, according to Greenpeace.
Greenpeace says it found plastic waste from UK supermarkets dumped and burned at numerous sites.
Wastes in the ethylene polymer group made up 74 percent of Turkey’s plastic waste import last year.

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