A mafia leader in exile strikes back by becoming a Youtuber (!)

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Peker’s videos overshadowed Netflix for the moment… This is a fake image found on Twitter

Sedat Peker‘s Youtube account here.

‘DEEP STATE’ DEBATE: Sedat Peker’s new video targets Interior Minister Soylu

Accused of leading a criminal organization, Peker has shared his fourth ‘deep state’ video. Minister Soylu has responded on social media, “challenging” the opposition, newspapers and Mehmet Ağar, a former Director of Security and Interior Minister.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Meet “The Botox”, the mafia boss who’s singing like a canary about the Erdogan …

ISTANBUL BLOG: Meet “The Botox”, the mafia boss who’s singing like a canary about the Erdogan regime on YouTube · Conflicts among gangs start to,

Turkish mafia boss lends support to Erdoğan | Ahval

Turkish Mafia kingpin Alaattin Çakıcı has lent his personal support to Turkey’s ruling Justice and…

The Ministry had to delete its video promoting “double security for tourists” after reactions on social media.

Villagers in Turkey’s İkizdere resist mine construction

‘Our people are teargassed so that the contractor’s machine can kill nature’ Screenshot from DW report on Ikizdere.
Al-Monitor – Pinar Tremblay – May 4, 7:07 AM

Turkey’s service passport scandal may be more costly than imagined. On the domestic front, the case is one more sign that organized crime fuels corruption. In the international arena, Turkey is expected to encounter more embarrassment and court

The European Court of Human Rights has concluded that the broadcasting and publication ban imposed on the news regarding the Parliamentary investigation launched against four ministers for “corruption” violated freedom of expression.

Despite facing resistance from villagers, Cengiz Holding wants to expand İkizdere stone quarry

Locals in İkizdere, Rize have been protesting a stone quarry project carried out by a company that has close ties to the government.
Following a local court ruling merging the files in Gezi trial, several social media have responded under the hashtag #GeziBirleştirir (Gezi unites).

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