#Cyberculture agenda: “Several NGOs denounce censorship of Palestinian voices by tech companies

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122 Palestinians killed by Israeli airstrikes, including 31 children

Screenshots from Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah resident Mona ElKurd’s Instagram video of her encounter with an Israeli settler who tells her: “If I don’t steal your house, someone else will steal it.” As a result of the video, ElKurd has become an icon of the struggle between the Palestinian residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood and the Israeli settlers who have been authorized by law to evict them from their homes.

Several NGOs denounce censorship of Palestinian voices by tech companies

The NGOs are demanding that platforms reinstate Palestine-related content and accounts


Several NGOs have launched a petition demanding that big tech companies stop silencing Palestinian voices, as violence boils over in Palestine. Graphic from SMEX. Used with permission.

Facebook’s secret internal rules for moderating the term “Zionist” let the social network suppress criticism of Israel amid an ongoing wave of Israeli abuses and violence, according to people who reviewed the policies.

The rules appear to have been in place since 2019, seeming to contradict a claim by the company in March that no decision had been made on whether to treat the term “Zionist” as a proxy for “Jew” when determining whether it was deployed as “hate speech.” The policies, obtained by The Intercept, govern the use of “Zionist” in posts not only on Facebook but across its subsidiary apps, including Instagram.

The Very Weird Fight Between Facebook and the Encryption App Signal

“You got this ad because you’re a teacher, but more importantly you’re a Leo (and single).”
Facebook is again facing questions about content moderators after a moderator told an Irish parliamentary committee the company isn’t protecting reviewers.

Gaming Influencers Are the Future of Esports

Top players have left pro leagues to pursue streaming full-time as the industry veers more toward content creators.

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