More insane by day: “Turkey probes Istanbul’s opposition mayor for ‘disrespect’

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İmamoğlu is also under investigation for visiting HDP mayors who were dismissed by the Interior Ministry over “terrorism-related” investigations against them
Istanbul mayor condemns Ottoman Sultan investigation as legally baseless | Ahval

Istanbul mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu strongly condemned an investigation against him by the Turkish
Interior Ministry inspectors are probing İmamoğlu because of “walking with his hands folded behind the back” at the tomb of Sultan Mehmed II and his visits to dismissed HDP mayors.

Turkey probes Istanbul’s opposition mayor for ‘disrespect’

ISTANBUL: Turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu over his “disrespectful” behaviour during a visit
Afghans Fleeing Home Are Filling the Lowliest Jobs in Istanbul

After years working on American bases in Afghanistan and fearful of the Taliban, Afghans are heading to Turkey and

Erdogan Is Digging a Hole He Can’t Escape

Kanal Istanbul, a plan to dig a nearly 30-mile channel between the Black and Marmara seas, would turn half of Turkey’s largest city into an island

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