A list of Marshall Sahlins obituaries. #Anthropology roundup…

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A Great Tree Has Fallen: The Passing of Marshall Sahlins –
Remembering Marshall Sahlins (1930-2021) | The Chicago Blog
Marshall D. Sahlins, Groundbreaking Anthropologist, Dies at 90

In other news:

Archaeology in the Ashes of Notre Dame

The Notre Dame fire was devastating but has opened the door to research on building materials now available for study. Aurélia Azéma/Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques

The night of April 15, 2019, brought unimaginable tragedy to Paris’ iconic medieval Catholic cathedral. I was on the metro at the time, when I got a phone call from a colleague: “Notre Dame is burning.” When the train crossed the Seine a few minutes later, I saw it with my own eyes, from a distance, helpless. The fire caused the cathedral spire to collapse, most of the roof was destroyed, and its upper walls were severely damaged.

The masked and the unmasked

Standard issue mask from Kaiser Permanente. Photo: Ryan Anderson 2021. Before 2020 and COVID-19, I never

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