Support for Turkey’s presidential system at lowest level and all critics are labeled as terrorists…

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More than 90 percent of opposition voters support a “reinforced parliamentary system,” says the poll.

The Turkish Ministry for Culture and Tourism announced that it was selecting restauranteur Salt Bae…
State-run body says the blue amulets – believed to date back to 3,300 BCE – are incompatible with Islam.



50M² review – macho fun with Netflix’s Turkish hitman

Nadir’s patronage allows Shadow to live in a swish bachelor pad in a fancy part of town (Beşiktaş? Perhaps Arnavutköy?), where he drowns his

Report: Armed violence in Turkey increased in 2020 despite lockdowns

The incidence of armed violence increased by 69 percent in 2020 compared to 2015, according to a new report.

Ethos: Turkey looks in the mirror

The Turkish TV series Ethos (Bir Başkadır), launched by Netflix, is enjoying enormous success in Turkey, but also abroad. Through its complex characters, the country looks itself in the mirror, suspended over the invisible moat that separates the religious part of society from the beyaz türkler – the westernised, secular “white” Turks


As 2021 begins, most of Turkey is experiencing severe drought. Numerous reservoirs around Istanbul—the country’s most populous city (15 million)—have reached their lowest water storage levels in 15 years. Crop production could be

Erdoğan receives Covid vaccine

All political leaders and lawmakers should encourage the public to get vaccinated, the president has said.

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