Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter and Aktrolls may be more upset than Trump himself…

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I was just checking my private Aktroll list. Oh, they are so upset. Their discourse is not different from the MAGA accounts. Qanon lives here among them in their twisted imagination…

It finally happened: Twitter has permanently suspended @realDonaldTrump, the outgoing President’s personal account. In related news, cortisol levels around the world suddenly dropped to their lowest levels in four years. Twitter says it suspended the account “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,”

In other news:

How Netflix shapes mainstream culture, explained by data

In 2019, Netflix was already a fixture in our lives. It had 167 million subscribers globally and regularly produced hit Originals like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. And it’s not just the shows. From sexual innuendos to its own Ben and Jerry’s flavor, the streaming platform itself was already firmly established in popular culture. But 2020 was different. With a global pandemic keeping everyone in their homes for most of the year and a barrage of boorish politicians and natural disasters making headlines, Netflix became less a source of entertainment and more like a never-ending escape room…

The download, podcasting’s metric king, gets dethroned

Nieman Journalism Labby Juleyka Lantigua-Williams

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My two boys and I regularly play chess at our kitchen island while I make breakfast on weekends. We’re not the best, but we always have fun. And I occasionally pull life lessons out of the metaphors embedded in the game.
One day this summer, during one of Lantigua Williams & Co.’s monthly Podcasting, Seriously webinars, I heard myself improvise this thought: “It’s like this: In podcasting, the download is the King on the chessboard — a useless figurehead and status symbol that must be protected at all costs, because he can only move one square at a time. Useless in battle. The Queen, on the hand, is the most powerful piece on the board, has complete dominion over the field, and becomes more strategic the closer she gets to the other edge of the board.”

Access Now – Dec 17, 4:49 PM

Around the world, governments are using surveillance tools they have purchased from Israeli spyware firm NSO Group — the infamous creator of Pegasus — to monitor and crack down on human rights defenders. Access Now and our partners


The actual, active theft of information from protected networks due to this breach will last years.
To evaluate whether cyber security tactics are working, you need to first establish what the SolarWinds hack really was.

UK denies Assange extradition

Boing Boingby Rob Beschizza



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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the United States, a London court today ruled. The judge decided that Assange’s health is at risk there: “The U.S. will not prevent Mr. Assange from finding a way to commit suicide.” — Read the rest
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