RIP Sean Connery. Greetings from #İstanbul.

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BBC News – Oct 31, 5:25 AM

Sir Sean Connery, the actor who defined James Bond, has died aged 90 This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.


Elizabeth Lo’s ‘Stray’ documentary gives a dogs-eye view of living on the streets in Istanbul

From 2017 to 2019 filmmaker Elizabeth Lo took to the streets of Istanbul to capture the lives of some of the transatlantic city’s most captivating

NGOs slam municipal rearrangement of Istanbul’s Taksim Square for excluding public feedback

Some 20 non-governmental organizations from Istanbul came out in protest of the municipality’s rearrangement of Taksim Square on the grounds that the search for a new landscape had been rushed, and that the public had been excluded from the process as a result.

Istanbul Municipality held a design contest for potential landscapes for Taksim Square that yielded three final projects on Sept. 20, which were offered up to the public for voting.

Construction starts on green space, emergency meeting spot in downtown Istanbul

One of the last remaining green spaces in Istanbul, Marmara University’s campus in high-brow Nişantaşı district, was re-zoned to allow construction.

“They’re going to build a housing complex in the middle of our neighborhood and cut out our air,” said Selma Yamut, a 45-year resident of the area.

Council of State cancels İstanbul historic train station tender excluding municipal companies

The tender process violated the rules of equal competition, the court has ruled.


Amid a heated row between France and Turkey, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy Vahit Kiler said he will apply to change the name of Istanbul’s iconic Pierre Loti Hill, named for the late French writer who spent a great deal of time in the city.

Overlooking the Golden Horn with a cable car that brings visitors up to the hill that is famed for its majestic view, the Pierre Loti Hill is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike in Istanbul.

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