#Europe agenda: “Europe’s World-Lagging Universities Need Increased Funding

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2020 at 13:58

Brexit has revealed a neglected truth that is highly inconvenient to European policymakers: the European Union’s remaining universities are nowhere to be found at the top of world rankings. Unfortunately, EU officials appear to have no interest in acknowledging the problem, much less addressing it.

More people are missing and dozens of homes have been destroyed following torrential rain.

 Far right using pandemic to win friends in Germany

Far-right zealots in Germany are using the pandemic to “build bridges” with mainstream corona-deniers, in a sign of the political damage caused by Covid-19 in Europe

Hungary’s PM Orban endorses Trump’s re-election bid

Viktor Orban said US Democrats built their diplomacy on ‘moral imperialism’ which ‘illiberal’ leaders like him rejected.

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