What do I do with my life? A brief summary

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2020 at 21:50

I haven’t announced it widely but my Linkedin connections may have realized that a month ago I became the department chair of Media Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University.

The department includes two main programs: New Media and Communication and Television Reporting and Programming.

I have started at the same department back in 2000 as a teaching assistant. I later went to Rice Anthropology for Ph.D. and moved back and eventually became a lecturer at the Public Relations department although my studies focused on new media. A semester as an acting chair of the Digital Game Design department, a year at Sabbatical, and here I am back in the Media department. Let’s what the future will show.

Now I am on my annual leave but still at the office. As the pandemic cases increase again, I decided not to take the plane to fly to Artvin Borçka. I may drive around the Agean region in the next days. Speaking of the pandemic, I invested my time a lot on my pet project, SosyalKafa. Its Youtube channel grew at least twice since April. I joined the streaming masses, by adding new interviews to the channel. Predominantly in Turkish. I have more plans for the near future. The channel will grow bigger with new interviews and playlists.

I have made a series of publications so during the pandemic I was not stressed with ongoing publication works. Now I am getting ready for a new period of writing. Let’s see…


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