Istanbul mafioso taxi lobby wins the first round in municipality’s attempt to break it… #istanbul news roundup…

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The Istanbul Municipality on June 25 purchased a portrait of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II “the Conqueror” at a London auction, Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu has announced.

“Great news! A 15th century portrait of Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror was bought by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at a live auction in London today,” İmamoğlu said on Twitter after the auction, sharing a photograph of the canvas.

“We are thrilled and cannot wait to welcome this celebrated work of art in Istanbul soon.”

Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II is depicted with an unknown person in this oil painting.
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s proposal to roll out 6,000 new taxi licenses has been rejected by the decision of the city’s transportation coordination body and transferred to a subcommittee.

Istanbul Airport becomes Europe’s largest after Erdoğan opens third runway | Ahval

Heavy rains on June 14 caused some rocks at Istanbul’s historical walls to collapse in Fatih district, damaging vehicles passing by them, with no casualties.
The biggest cause of nearly 8,000 fires that occurred in the first five months of 2020 in Istanbul were cigarette butts, according to data from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
One person died when Turkey’s largest city was hit by heavy rain, Istanbul’s governor said on June 23.

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