EFD Rights Watch: “I can’t keep my optimism, Osman Kavala says…

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I can’t keep my optimism, Osman Kavala says in letter marking 2.5 years in prison

Duvar English
I’m ashamed on their behalf, Kavala says after successive arrest rulings The influential

Mustafa Koçak Dies on 297th Day of Death Fast

Koçak (28) was on a death fast for a fair trial after having been convicted of aggravated life imprisonment

Mustafa Koçak of Turkish band Grup Yorum dies after hunger strike | Ahval

Musician Mustafa Koçak has become the latest member of the left-wing Turkish band Grup Yorum to die…

Armenian Journalists and Writers Killed in 1915

We commemorate the writers and journalists who were taken from their homes and newspapers and forced to set out on April 24, 1915 and lost their lives.

Bienvenue sur le site de Reporter sans frontières | RSF

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) presents the 2018 press freedom barometer.

Turkey Ranks 154th in RSF Press Freedom Index

Censorship of websites and social media in the country “has reached unprecedented levels,” says the RSF.

Turkey ranks near bottom of press freedom index, named ‘world’s biggest jailer of journalists’

Duvar English Turkey ranked 154th in a list of 180 countries, ranked in decreasing order of media freedom by Reporters

Our eyes are on you – RTÜK warns Netflix over ‘Love 101’

With online streaming services now falling within the purview of RTÜK, the broadcast watchdog’s President Abu Bakr
Access to the Turkish website of the UK-based newspaper The Independent has been blocked in Turkey…

Turkey blocks Saudi and Emirati state news websites

The move comes after Saudi Arabia blocked several Turkish state media websites earlier this month.

3,544 Workers Infected with Covid-19 in İstanbul, Says Labor Unions’ Platform

İstanbul Labor Union Branches’ Platform has announced that 2,902 workers suspected to have contracted coronavirus

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