#Anthropology roundup: “Climate Change Is an Anthropological Process…

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Climate Change Is an Anthropological Process  Science Market News

Saving an indigenous language from extinction

The Sami are the only officially recognised indigenous people in the EU and some of their languages are on the brink of extinction.

“A barbarian is someone who looks at culture and finds no beauty at all. A barbarian looks at a mosque or a burial mound, and dreams only of exacting pain.”

—Jason Farago, New York Times critic

Henry Stimson, the U.S. secretary of war during World War II, was a cultured man of the world. When he learned the U.S. was planning to drop its new atomic bomb on Kyoto—an ancient Japanese city he had visited as a young man that brimmed with architectural and artistic treasures—he went to President Harry Truman and insisted it be removed from the target list. Truman agreed, and the “Florence of Japan” was spared.


3D Printing and the Murky Ethics of Replicating Bones

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