As the rulers move away from citizens’ daily needs, crazy PR stunts follow…

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Kanal Istanbul: A debate to end all debates!

Turkey is locked into a single issue and it is not the new wave of Turkey bound refugees from Idlib. It is the mega Canal İstanbul project. It appears, from night shows on TV and the ferocious statements by politicians, that there is a debate in the country. In fact, there is a debate but one over political divisions and identities and not one over facts. This is a project that will have consequences from a military, environment and economic perspective that are long lasting and irreversible. A technical and convincing debate must take place.


The Turkish president said his country’s Parliament would soon vote on a deployment, adding to an escalating proxy battle among regional powers.

Cargo ship collides into Istanbul coast, closing the Bosphorus strait

Istanbul (CNN) A cargo ship collided into the coast of Istanbul on Friday, forcing Turkish officials to temporarily suspend traffic through the Bosphorus …

Factbox: Erdogan pushes ‘crazy’ Istanbul canal dream despite opposition

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – President Tayyip Erdogan has revived plans to dig a canal on the edge of Istanbul despite opposition from hundreds of …

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