#Europe agenda: “UK General Election 2019: Doctored videos, fake accounts and suspicious ads…

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First Draft is keeping close tabs on the UK’s general election as the party campaigns pick up speed in their second week.

Investigations from the collaborative CrossCheck project included a Conservative councillor behind an anti-Corbyn Facebook Page, a fake account for a prospective Brexit Party candidate, and a former Liberal Democrat paying for anti-Conservative ads.

Former Lib Dem pays for 150 anti-Conservative ads

Former Liberal Democrat candidate Annabel Mullin appears to have paid for more than 150 ads in the last two weeks, many of which equate a vote for the Conservative Party as “selling the NHS to Donald Trump”.

The ads mix photoshopped montages with a petition aimed at stopping the ‘Trump-Boris alliance’. Each ad collected between 1,000 and 2,000 impressions and cost under £100.

The ads have been posted through the Facebook Page for the short-lived political party called Advance Together.

Was this the week when it became clear Boris Johnson’s Conservatives were likely to win the election?
Malta’s ‘golden passports’: Why do the super-rich want them?

The EU has criticised the country’s “golden passports” scheme that allows wealthy people to buy citizenship.

Far-right Vox celebrates, as Spain left without majority

Although the governing Socialists Party (PSOE) won the most seats at Sunday’s elections, the political deadlock continues

Socialists win Spain election, but far-right doubles seat count

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez facing difficult negotiations after second election this year results in hung parliament.


Emblems of European air forces in 1938 from europe


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