#Europe agenda: “Venice’s Flooding Has Become Another Tourist Attraction…

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Powerful rainstorms hit Italy on Tuesday, with the worst affected areas in the south and Venice, where there was widespread flooding. MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP

Venice’s Flooding Has Become Another Tourist Attraction

But for the dwindling number of locals, it’s a catastrophe.

This is the (finally) approved European Commission

MEPs gave the green light to the entire new European Commission during the plenary session in Strasbourg – but with the abstention of the Greens and a rejection by the leftist group GUE/NGL.

Italy: Venice council flooded after ‘NO’ vote on climate change measures

Oops. Awkward. An Italian council was flooded immediately after rejecting new measures to address the climate crisis that

In Pictures: Venice flooded by record-high tide

Second-highest tide ever sweeps through Italian city overnight, flooding its famous basilica.
Venice floods: The historic sites affected

Over 80% of the city has been left underwater, leading the mayor to declare a state of emergency.
Europol disrupts Islamic State propaganda machine

The action led to the taking down of thousands of Islamic State accounts on messaging app Telegram.

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