As Erdoğan to meet with Trump, “Boom Times for Turkey’s Lobbyists in Trump’s Washington…

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CNS Search – Adam Klasfeld – Oct 31, 9:48 PM

MANHATTAN (CN) – Some five years ago, Turkey’s soft power suddenly swelled in the United States as the country’s lobbyists and pro-government charities received millions in newfound funding. That was the same year that leaked tapes appeared

Erdoğan: We are Going to US in a Troubled Period

In the wake of rising tension between Turkey and US over Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and Trump’s letter, President
Behind Trump’s Dealings With Turkey: Sons-in-Law Married to Power

Informal relationships between family members help explain the course of diplomacy between the White House and

Five US Senators Call for ‘Tough Economic Sanctions’ Against Turkey

Addressing a letter to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, five US Senators have called for “tough economic sanctions” against
BBC News – Jiyar Gol – Nov 2, 5:21 PM

Turkish-backed forces fighting Kurdish militias in north-east Syria have been accused of committing war crimes, with acts of brutality surfacing on mobile phone footage. The UN has warned that Turkey could be held responsible for the actions of its

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