Feeling the heat: “US House of Representatives Calls Turkey to Cancel S-400 Purchase

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While the House approved a bill that calls Turkey to choose between the S-400 and the F-35, pilots from Turkey has been barred from accessing the aircraft, according to the US media.

U.S. House unanimously urges Turkey to cancel S-400 deal | Ahval

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution on Monday calling on Turkey to


Pentagon Steps Up Dispute With Turkey Over Weapons Purchase From Moscow

The Trump administration is pressing Turkey to drop plans to buy a Russian antiaircraft system, threatening to end
Turkish intelligence on rise with informants’ app introduced in Germany – German intelligence | Ahval

Turkish intelligence activities are on the rise in Germany, where an app developed by Turkish…

ECHR notifies Turkey of over 540 applications on detained judges, prosecutors | Ahval

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Monday notified Turkey of 546 applications relating to
Turkish businessman charged with hiring Flynn for illegal lobbying surfaces | Ahval

A Turkish man who is charged with paying General Michael T. Flynn $530,000 to lobby for Turkey in

Cengiz Aktar: The first sentence of Turkey report says it all: process is dead | Ahval

Ahval contributor Cengiz Aktar’s take on annual European Commission report on Turkey:
Flynn’s Turkish lobbying client complained about Trump not defending Turkey publicly | Ahval

A Turkish businessman who paid General Michael T. Flynn $530,000 for a campaign to advance Turkish
Turkey destroys strong diplomatic tradition – former diplomat | Ahval

Turkey’s post-coup attempt purge has led to the collapse of the country’s previously impeccable…

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