Icelanders do not know what they are up to…

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Many Turks are zealously offended with the airport treatment and with that toilet brush prank. Many of them did not care when audiences booed the French national anthem a few days ago in Konya, Turkey, and some Turkish immigrants celebrated the victory of French national team right in Paris and in other French cities with all the obscenity included. So now Turks are angry with one of the most peaceful nations in the world. (They did the same with the New Zealanders a few months ago). I hope God will give us some rationality at some point…

Turkey condemns treatment of Turkish footballers at airport in Iceland

Turkey on June 10 issued a diplomatic note condemning the “disrespectful” treatment of the Turkish national football team at
Turkey condemns Iceland over ‘mistreatment’ of football team

Ankara issues diplomatic protest over treatment of team who were reportedly searched for three hours by airport police.

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