Farewell to Atatürk Airport. “‘Great Move’ begins to relocate Istanbul Airport…

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‘Great Move’ begins to relocate Istanbul Airport

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s main international airport in Istanbul is closing and moving to a new base in a massive logistical operation. The relocation of …
Turkish Airlines embarked on a mammoth logistical operation on April 5, moving from its old base at Atatürk Airport to the newly built Istanbul Airport.

Both structures were built by the same architect:

Istanbul: Rich history in a contemporary setting

Istanbul is a city of contrasts. Ancient and modern, palatial but also rag-a-muffin, steeped in history, tradition, yet innovative. It all works togeth

The lead candidates for Istanbul mayor have been busy outlining bold proposals for major new building projects in the lead-up to Sunday’s local elections, but experts and activists fear unchecked construction in Turkey’s largest city and financial

İstanbul Cat Park – Incredible . Kedi parkı. Fenerbahçe Park from istanbul

48 hours in . . . Istanbul, an insider guide to the city of two continents

Both empires bequeathed Istanbul a wealth of superb buildings, most concentrated in the old city centred on Sultanahmet. From the glittering gold

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