#TrollWatch The most powerful Aktroll clique, the Pelikan gang, in futile attempts… #TurkeyElections

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Just a few years ago, they could have more decisive power. Despite their agitations/ provocations, I believe they will not be able to change the election results in Istanbul- but still, who knows?- Instead, opposition parties may take back some places. However, I am anxious about Muş. There seem to be some fishy incidents happening there. The city is heavily under security forces’ control…
Ekrem İmamoğlu, candidate of the secular CHP, promised on Tuesday: ‘I will reconcile this nation.’ Photograph: Adem Altan/AFP/Getty Images

Ekrem İmamoğlu: a unifying political force to take on Erdoğan

Success of low-key mayoral campaign based on reaching out across a polarised Istanbul Ekrem İmamoğlu was not a well

Turkey local election results delayed as AKP lodges objections

Ruling party appeals over Istanbul poll, pushing back official outcome by a week Official results in local elections that appear
Bloomberg – Taylan Bilgic – Apr 1, 6:33 AM

It’s the one corner of Turkey’s markets that’s celebrating the return of secularists to power: brewer stocks. The lira swung between gains and losses and the yield on Turkey’s benchmark bond was unchanged, with the Republican People’s Party,


A Political Quake in Turkey as Erdogan’s Party Loses in His Home Base of Support

The feeble economy and a disciplined opposition showed that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has dominated for

Erdogan’s Party Plans to Challenge Election Losses in Istanbul and Ankara

The unofficial results of mayoral races in Turkey’s capital and main business city are a serious setback for President Recep

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