Off-University presents 6 free online courses!

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What is Off-University?

We are a group of about 50 persecuted and/or exiled scientists, enthusiastic learners and dreamers of a different education system. Some of us have come to Germany from Turkey as a result of the recent political developments; others have been working here for years.

Off-University aims to bring together people and institutions that share a commitment to global peace as a defining ideal and the vision of a less hierarchical, more democratic and free academia.

Off-University is a registered non-profit association under German Law since May 2017.

We are more than happy to welcome spring with an exciting online learning program that supports the idea of “university without borders”. In the 2019 Summer Semester, Off-University presents 6 free online courses from different fields in collaboration with Humboldt University of Berlin, Kassel University, LMU Munich, and Technical University Berlin:

  • + Feminist Political Philosophy
  • + Political Economy of the Global South in the Age of Financialisation
  • + Contemporary Turkish Literature
  • + Comparative Political History of Modern Middle East
  • + Urban Theory and the Right to the City
  • + Commons

Online courses are held by academics that have been purged from their institutions, forced to resign, and politically persecuted due to their opinion and research in Turkey.

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