#Europe agenda: the EU’s #Article13 internet censorship…

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As of this writing, the petition opposing Article 13 — the part of the EU’s new Copyright Directive that mandates copyright filters for online communities, services and platforms — has 4,920,535 signatories, making it the largest petition in the history of our species (edging out this one from 2017).

People out in Munich against Article 13. Keep at it! from europe

German Data Privacy Commissioner Ulrich Kelber is also a computer scientist, which makes him uniquely qualified to comment on the potential consequences of the proposed new EU Copyright Directive. The Directive will be voted on at the end of this month, and its Article 13 requires that online communities, platforms, and services prevent their users from committing copyright infringement, rather than ensuring that infringing materials are speedily removed.


While domestic political parties often use the European Parliament as a dumping ground for unwanted politicians – and a majority of citizens don’t bother to vote – the parliament, over the years, has become a dominant force in the EU
[Ticker] Kallas wins Estonia election – set to become first female PM

Former MEP Kaja Kallas’ liberal opposition party, Reform, came top in Estonia’s election on Sunday, with 28.8 percent of the

Hungary’s Orban faces exclusion from EU centre-right group

The Hungarian PM could be kicked out of the largest EU grouping after a spat with senior figures.

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