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For a few more million dollars (?), CNN International intends to keep its obviously biased Turkey partner: CNN Türk

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CNN Türk has been heavily criticized since Gezi Park Protests. However, after being sold to a different media conglomerate, it passed a new threshold in pro-government bias. You will see an exemplary case, cutting opposition mayor interview, below. CNN Türk accuses critics of being activists- as if this is actually a bad thing- and its parent company CNN seems to be accepting this. Honestly, CNN should have ended its relationship after Gezi. I cannot imagine that the parent company officials are now aware of the biased coverage. I can only guess CNN does not want to miss a lucrative contract while in the US, it keeps claiming that it is a fair news channel… if you believe so.

CNN Turkey under fire for bias in Istanbul rerun

Financial TimesMay 23, 2019
CNN Turk used to be seen as “a centrist media outlet and a channel that … parliament elections, international observers from the Organisation

CNN Hit For Pro-Erdogan Bias in Turkey

Newsmax13 hours ago
CNN Turk, the media outlet licensed to use the CNN brand in Turkey is … Turner Broadcasting System International and Dogan Media Group

CNN Turk criticised for cutting opposition mayor interview

FRANCE 24May 21, 2019
CNN’s Turkish channel was criticised Tuesday after it cut short an … of CNN’sparent company, Turner Broadcasting System International, and

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Well, “Wikipedia takes Turkey to European human rights court over ban

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The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Istanbul – May 23, 6:19 AM

Wikipedia is taking Turkey to Europe’s top human rights court as it escalates a two-year battle to overturn a ban on the site in the country. The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that runs the online encyclopedia, said it had filed an

Turkish Top Court’s ruling on Kavala is simply shocking’ | Ahval

Turkey’s Constitutional Court rejected Osman Kavala’s individual application, found that his right…

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#Europe agenda: “EU Political Advertising Transparency Report 2019″… “Far-Right Propaganda Floods Facebook Ahead of EU Elections…

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Far-Right Propaganda Floods Facebook Ahead of EU Elections

Fake accounts spread white-nationalist messages and amassed larger followings than actual far-right parties before being taken down, according to a new report.

EU Political Advertising Transparency Report 2019

To help people better understand the election ads they see online and support the integrity of elections, earlier this year we

Election-related “junk news” still does well on Facebook, this European study finds

As the U.S. media scrambles to do something different besides Youngstown , Ohio profiles of working class voters ,

Voter turnout will decide Europe’s fate

European voter turnout is in deep crisis. Since the early 2000s, the share of voters in national elections has fallen to 66 percent

Junk news ‘not prevalent’ on Twitter, but more likely to be shared and liked on Facebook, finds unique multilingual study

21 May 2019 Oxford Internet Institute Fewer than 4% of news sources shared on Twitter ahead of the 2019 European

European elections 2019: Love and hate in EU after economic rescues

Enthusiasm for the EU is strong in Ireland, weak in Greece – yet both had huge EU bailouts.

European elections: saving Europe means embracing the Mediterranean

Europe cannot be revived by closing its geographical and mental borders. This is a lost cause. An Appeal.

A really simple guide to the European elections

Voters across the EU are about to go to the polls – find out who’s involved and what’s at stake.

All you need to know about the European Parliament elections

The European Parliament vote is often considered mundane but with Brexit and rising populism, this year could surprise.


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“Supreme Election Council Announces Justified Ruling on Annulment of İstanbul Elections” and it is not that satisfactory at all….

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What are the Dissenting Opinions Against Justified Ruling on İstanbul Elections?

Four members of the Supreme Election Council (YSK), namely its Chair Sadi Güven, Cengiz Topraktaş, Kürşat Hamurcu

Supreme Election Council Announces Justified Ruling on Annulment of İstanbul Elections

The Supreme Election Council (YSK) has announced its justified ruling on the annulment of İstanbul Metropolitan Mayoral


Turkish election council publishes justification for Istanbul rerun | Ahval

Turkey’s Supreme Election Council (YSK) published its detailed reasoning for annulling the Istanbul…

Deposed Istanbul Mayor Blasts ‘Lies’ Used to Annul Election

Istanbul’s deposed mayor Ekrem Imamoglu said Wednesday that no one believed the “lies” used to overturn his recent election and called on voters to

Istanbul’s ousted mayor says billions wasted under Erdogan’s AKP

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – President Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party spent 80 million lira ($13 million) in three years on an Istanbul city website, the ousted …

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Index on Censorship: Solidarity with Academics for Peace imprisoned in Turkey

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Index on Censorship – Index – May 17, 10:21 AM

“Turkey is incarcerating its academics!” This is what Tuna Altınel (Claude Bernard University of Lyon 1, France) wrote to the European solidarity networks on 8 May 2019, as Füsun Üstel was taken into prison in


The Independent – Sebnem Arsu – May 14, 2:14 AM

You might be sad but do not lose your hope. We are here, do not ever give up!” said Ekrem Imamoglu, still in high spirits, even after his mandate as Istanbul’s newly appointed mayor was revoked on Monday of last week by


Risk to Turkey’s Economy Deepens With New Istanbul Election

ISTANBUL — Even before the Turkish authorities took the extraordinary step of undoing an opposition victory and calling a new election for mayor of …

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National unity fantasies without Kurds and women leaders

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In yet another maneuver by Erdoğan, several political leaders joined him in Samsun to celebrate the national day of Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey This supposed national unity performance excludes Turkey’s third biggest party, that is pro-Kurdish HDP and any woman leaders. Meral Akşener of İyi Party refused to join this performance and here comes this all-men image…

Fox News – Hollie McKay – May 14, 10:28 AM

To those loyal to Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, it is paying the price of being tagged a “terrorist.” But to others, it is a blatant violation of their human rights. Since the failed coup attempt in July 2016, hundreds of



A Turkish journalist who criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was beaten by a group of ‘people with baseball bats,’ his newspaper said Saturday, which published pictures of a heavily bandaged Yavuz Selim Demirag in his hospital bed

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Turkey’s Mosque Diplomacy

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BBC Turkish has a very good story on Turkey’s mosque building efforts all over the world. You can read the news in Turkish here. This is yet another network layer in AKP’s access to Turkey’s citizens all over the world in addition to Turkey’s new elites’ delusional signs of reputation. Citizens would probably care less if Turkey’s economy is in shambles and all spendings hurt… Besides, some countries are not very happy with Turkey’s use of imams among the Turkish diaspora…

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Welcome to the Center’s first annual collaborative project in multimodality. We welcome your comments, reactions, and ideas going forward.

George Marcus
Director, Center for Ethnography



28 – 31 May 2019, Viewpoint Gallery (UCI Student Center)

Curators: Kim Fortun and James Adams


Visualizing Toxic Subjects is a collaborative project in which participants are collecting, captioning, sharing and commenting on ethnographic visualizations, working to update ways of using a variety of visual materials in the conduct and expression of ethnography.


Project Page

Blog Post (Teaching Culture)

Sign up for Guided Tours


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

4:00 – 4:30pm: Guided Tour

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

11:00 – 11:30am: Guided Tour

Thursday, May 30, 2019

12:00 – 12:30 pm: Guided Tour

Friday, May 31, 2019 (11:30-12 + 1-1:30)

10:00 –11:30am: Center for Ethnography Annual Program 2019-2020

11:30am  – 12:00pm: Guided Tour

12:00 – 1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00 – 1:30pm: Guided Tour

1:30 – 3:30pm : VtS Seminar

3:30 – 4:00pm: Reception

Prof. Kim Fortun

Professor and Department Chair in the University of California Irvine’s Department of Anthropology. Her research and teaching focus on environmental risk and disaster. Her research has examined how people in different geographic and organizational contexts understand environmental problems, uneven distributions of environmental health risks, developments in the environmental health sciences, and factors that contribute to disaster vulnerability.

James Adams

James Adams is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of California Irvine. He received his BA in Anthropology from the University of North Texas in 2012. James’ dissertation research examines the ways different thought collectives are producing and mobilizing data to justify and guide a shift away from fossil fuel sources of electricity in Austin, Texas. He is especially interested in drawing out the many kinds of systems and scales of activity involved in “energy transition,” highlighting the importance of data and evidentiary practices in this type of sociotechnical change. James has an emphasis in Law, Society, and Culture and a specialization in Anthropologies of Medicine, Science, and Technology.

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“The 2019 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index is now online! #Cyberculture agenda

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Full report here

Microsoft has unseated Google at the top of the 2019 RDR Corporate Accountability Index. Telefónica outpaced Vodafone among telecommunications companies. Yet despite progress, most companies still leave users in the dark about key policies and practices affecting privacy and freedom of expression, according to the 2019 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, released today.

The 2019 RDR Index evaluated 24 of the world’s most powerful internet, mobile ecosystem, and telecommunications companies on their disclosed commitments, policies, and practices affecting users’ freedom of expression and privacy, including governance and oversight mechanisms. Research showed that in the past year a majority of companies improved and clarified policies affecting users’ privacy—a trend that appears to be driven by new data protection regulations in the EU and elsewhere. But even the leading companies fell short in key areas. Few scored higher than 50 percent, failing to even meet basic transparency standards, leaving users across the globe in the dark about how their personal information is collected and protected—and even profited from.

Companies evaluated by the 2019 RDR Index collectively provide products and services used by more than half of the world’s 4.3 billion internet users, thus providing a snapshot of the extent to which users’ rights are protected and respected across the globe. The RDR Index methodologysets minimum standards for what companies should disclose about their rules and processes for enforcing them, data privacy and security policies and practices, and how they handle government demands to remove or block content, to shut down internet services, or to access user information and communications.

Company highlights

  • Microsoft ranked first, due to strong governance and consistent application of its policies across all services. It unseated Google, which had held a decreasing lead since the first RDR Index in 2015.
  • Telefónica shot ahead of all other telecommunications companies. Vodafone, which led in 2018, earned second place, ahead of AT&T,which dropped to third.
  • Facebook maintained fourth place among internet and mobile ecosystem companies, but received a score of just 57% and lagged behind RDR Index leaders in key areas. It showed no evidence of risk assessments on its use of AI or terms of service enforcement, and despite some improvements still disclosed less than a number of its peers about many aspects of how it handles user information.

Click here to view report cards for all 24 companies evaluated by the 2019 RDR Index. An in-depth report analyzing the 2019 RDR Index results across companies and issue areas elaborates on how the world’s most powerful tech companies have a long way to go before the internet supports and sustains human rights for everyone.

“People have a right to know, and companies have a responsibility to show,” said Ranking Digital Rights Director Rebecca MacKinnon. “When companies fail to meet RDR’s standards for disclosure of commitments, policies, and practices, users are exposed to undisclosed risks affecting their freedom of expression and privacy.”

For the full interactive data and analysis, report cards for all 24 companies, methodology, raw data, and other resources for download, please visit: Follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #rankingrights.

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Like what Facebook does to Snapchat? AKP seems to be stealing election slogans and then election promises of İmamoğlu…

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Supporters of Istanbul’s mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu, shout anti-government slogans while protesting against the rerun of the Istanbul mayoral election on Monday.CreditCreditYasin Akgul/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

İmamoğlu’s “everything will be all right” is now used by AKP with a little word change in Turkish. Today, I see most of Imamoğlu’s election promises are now used by Binali Yıldırım. There are also strong similarities in visuals. AKP stopped using nearly all of its previous campaigning slogans… And expectedly Turkey’s opposition to face full wrath of AKP machine in Istanbul re-vote – analyst . 

Turkish opposition candidate collects 5 mln lira for Istanbul campaign in a day | Ahval

The main Turkish opposition party candidate in the rerun of the election for mayor of Istanbul…
Ekrem İmamoğlu: They Campaign by Making Children Say ‘They Stole’

Ekrem İmamoğlu, CHP’s İstanbul Metropolitan Mayor candidate whose certificate of election has been revoked, has

Turkish economy casting shadow over Istanbul mayoral election – analysis | Ahval

Turkey’s decision to redo the İstanbul mayoral election has discouraged financial markets and…

Has Erdogan Created His Perfect Opponent?

Turkey’s president is undermining the political system that carried him from the streets to the presidency.
Reduced support of voters from Turkey’s Black Sea region key to AKP defeat in Istanbul | Ahval

One of the reasons Turkey’s ruling party lost the March 31 Istanbul mayoral vote was a significant

Turkey’s Erdoğan likely benefitted from local election irregularities – analyst | Ahval

Data shows the defeat of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Islamist party and its far-right allies…

Turkish Democratic Left Party candidate withdraws from Istanbul poll

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – An opposition candidate announced on Sunday he was withdrawing from next month’s rerun of mayoral elections in Istanbul, …

The Istanbul Rerun Isn’t About the Mayor. It’s About Turkey’s Future.

In a historic decision on May 6, Turkey’s High Election Board called for a repeat of Istanbul’s mayoral election. Accordingly, the mandate of Ekrem …

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