#Europe agenda: “Gilets jaunes” riots in Paris…

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Gilets jaunes” riots in Paris

A French fireman in front of burning cars, during the protests in Paris.


It was a tough homecoming for French President Emmanuel Macron. As soon as he stepped off the plane from the Group of 20 summit, he found himself in the middle of a political crisis following the worst riots to hit Paris since 1968. More than 400 people were arrested and more than 260 injured nationwide Saturday as thousands of police officers tried to quell protesters that burned cars, looted stores, and smashed windows.

French president is reported to have given ‘very firm message’ to Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi killing and Yemen.
Protesters explain why they’re so unhappy about President Macron’s controversial fuel tax
French president is reported to have given ‘very firm message’ to Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi killing and Yemen.
Mass protests expected in Buenos Aires as world leaders gather for annual G20 summit in the Argentine capital.

Watch. So chilling.

Find someone who is as happy to see you as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, who high-five each other and dive in for a bro hug, laughing like only two murderers can, at the G20 in Argentina.

Trump’s Summit of Futility

President Trump arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Thursday night for the annual G-20 summit, which is likely to be something between a waste of time and a disaster.


Widely-shared video shows refugee teen being physically assaulted and verbally abused on Huddersfield school playground.

Community responding to a spate of xenophobic graffiti in Walthamstow, London. from pics


Scandinavia in a nutshell from europe


The tiny German town fighting back against neo-Nazis

Ostritz has a few thousand residents, but has become a focal point for neo-Nazis. Now it’s fighting back.

Llanelli, a Welsh town, voted for Leave. Now one of its biggest employers, a German manufacturer, leaves in part because of Brexit. from europe

Percentage of europeans who believe in god from europe

Today Albania celebrates 106 years of Independence! from europe


Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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