#Europe agenda: France fuel protests: Police in Paris fire tear gas [And Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns (!)

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The European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – is a supporter of the common “blockchain, not Bitcoin” adage, it seems. At a blockchain roundtable session earlier this week, the Commission announced a new distributed ledger initiative that aims to transform the digital services space. Not only that, a number of banking giants, including Spain-based BBVA, are already part of the project. Along with “industry leaders” and “innovative startups,” the Commission also discussed ways to support the development of the distributed ledgers and create the “right conditions” for the technology to flourish. The initiative, called “International Association

France fuel protests: Police in Paris fire tear gas

Tear gas and water cannon are used against stone-throwing demonstrators on the Champs Elysées.
Police in Paris use tear gas and water cannon to disperse people protesting rising fuel prices.

Swiss vote no in sovereignty referendum

A proposal calling for Swiss law to override international law is rejected, early results show.

The hypocrisy of Brexit

Here’s the hypocrisy of Brexit. Brexiters reject the Brexit deal on offer. But Britain is not allowed to reject Brexit.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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