Beware of @FlixBus dear fellow travellers…

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My 5-day intense trip ended last night as I arrived back to lovely Irvine.

The only problem was the last part of the trip. Instead of continuing the train trip to Los Angeles, I had decided to take the bus from San Jose to Anaheim in order to shorten the trip. I was recommended to get a Flixbus trip. This is a relatively new, eco-friendly- and cheap- bus company. I was quite happy and elevated as I reached San Jose despite sleeplessness. Major bus services like Greyhound and Megabus pass through the Amtrak station. But in order to get the Flixbus, you are supposed to go the eastern San Jose and instead of the transportation hub, you get to take it at a specific location at a mall next to the hub. I got a bit anxious to be there. I checked the map several times to make sure I was at the specified location. There was no sign of Flixbus. It did not look very professional… But I got at least two emails about my incoming trip so it was still ok. But what is professional? I can live with that if the bus shows up!

BUT IT DİD NOT. I have waited for an hour. I tried to download the app so that I could see where the bus is. But the app could not download- it downloaded towards evening. 6-7 hours later. Its website does not show that info. I tried to call them. I waited for 12 minutes and I did hang up. I got very stressed. The cheapest and most practical route was to take a Greyhound bus to LA. So did that. The bus did not have AC. I felt I was traveling somewhere in the middle of Turkey but even the smallest bus companies in Turkey have now busses with ACs. That’s another story… Anyways, I got finally arrived home. But I will never try to use FlixBus again.


Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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