Attending this workshop now: “Anthropological Publishing Through an Anthropological Lens

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I have attended (or attending right now) this workshop. That was the reason I cut short my trip and got back to this fantastic workshop:

UCI Open Anthropology Seminar

Anthropological Publishing Through an Anthropological Lens


11:30am: Introduction and lunch

12:00pm: Launching a New, Open Access Journal: Teaching and Learning
Anthropology (Angela Jenks)


Serving as a Journal Managing Editor (Sean Mallin, Tim Elfenbein)

[I would definitely to try to be an editor. It needs a special skill]

2:00pm: HAU Not!: Learning From Allegations of Journal Mismanagement
(Ellen Kladky, Tom Boellstorff, Kim Fortun)

[this session did not start yet, I am expecting good gossip here]

3:00pm: Open Access Publishing, Open Data, and the Need for Public
Research Infrastructure (Chris Kelty, Mike Fortun)

[Oh, my idols are here. ]

4:00: Closing discussion

Recommended reading /watching:

Hau Not! [2]

Libraria [3]

To Secure Knowledge: Social Science Partnerships for the Common Good [4]

Don’t worry. All the workshop will be transcribed and you can get a good sense of what went through. I know I am a lousy note taker in conferences:)


Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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