#Europe agenda: as far-right makes gains in the elections, report shows “Junk News” in the Swedish election second only to US in proportion of sharing….

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Exit poll projects far-right Sweden Democrats won about 20 percent of the vote, the second largest share of any party.
The Sweden Democrats have made gains in a poll dominated by immigration issues, partial results show.

Swedes eat ‘junk news’ diet ahead of vote

Swedish voters are consuming much more “junk news” than other Europeans ahead of their elections, a new study says.

Right-wing sites swamp Sweden with ‘junk news’ in tight election race

6 September 2018 Reuters

One in three news articles shared online about the upcoming Swedish election come from websites publishing deliberately misleading information, most with a right-wing focus on immigration and Islam, Oxford University researchers say.

New report shows that Swedish election second only to US in proportion of ‘junk news’ shared

6 September 2018 Oxford Internet Institute

Research from the Oxford Internet Institute’s computational propaganda project has found that the proportion of ‘junk news’ shared on social media during the ongoing Swedish election campaign is higher than any other European country studied – and second only to the US in recent major elections.

Does Sweden’s mainstream have to talk to the Sweden Democrats?

With the media on their side, the SD has managed to persuade many unionised women in the health service that it is the only party for them. Does the mainstream know why?

Sweden Democrat supporters of Jimmie Åkesson at a rally in Uppsala, Sweden, during the 2014 election campaign. Wikicommons/ Carl Ridderstråle. Some rights reserved.

“Either we stay with a decent democracy or we choose another path,” Stefan Lofven told the BBC.

Starbucks opens first outlet in Italy

The US chain has decided it will need more than a latte to impress Italians.
Far-right and anti-fascist crowds march in Köthen, where a 22-year-old died after a fight with Afghan men.

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