Guess Why. “Number of green card lottery entrants from Turkey rises 49 percent in two years…

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The number of entries from Turkey for the green card lottery, officially known as the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery, increased to 204,729 in 2018 from 137,146 in 2016, data from the United States Department of State shows.

How to Save the U.S.-Turkey Relationship

The Trump administration must not choose drastic and destabilizing steps to put further pressure on Turkey or strong-arm allies into playing along with its decisions.

A Turkish lira crisis involving dollar-denominated debt, a current account deficit, and foreign-exchange reserves may seem like an arcane Wall Street concern, right up there with bond-market liquidity and congestion at Teterboro Airport. But Turkey’s economic crisis is anything but. It represents the truly scary financial trends that are keeping investment bankers up at night: the weakening of emerging markets that’s threatening to spill across borders, a massive wave of maturing corporate debt that needs to be refinanced, and the ending of an era of ultralow rates We can now add an even scarier trend to the list: President Donald Trump’s willingness to make things worse. While the U.S. government has historically been a supportive force during financial panics, Trump has been treating Turkey’s economic meltdown like a bargaining chip, one more weakness to be exploited. This shouldn’t just scare Turkey. It should scare everyone.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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