Trump explicitly threatens Turkey for the arrested priest case, let’s see how independent Turkish judiciary will react…

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Washington Post has reported that Trump requested citizen of Turkey Ebru Özkan from Israel for Pastor Brunson to be released. Israeli newspaper Haaretz has confirmed the report.

Administration escalated pressure after a court placed Andrew Brunson, on trial for terrorism charges, under house arrest

Donald Trump has threatened to slap “large sanctions” on Turkey unless Ankara frees an American pastor whose detention has further strained relations between the Nato allies.

Trump Threatens Sanctions Against Turkey Over Detained Pastor

The warming relationship between combative leaders in Turkey and the United States may cool over the house arrest of an American pastor accused of espionage.
United States Vice President Mike Pence has vowed to keep working for the “full release” of Andrew Brunson, an American pastor being tried on terrorism and spying charges in Turkey, adding that he had a phone conversation with the cleric after he was transferred from prison to house arrest.
Israel freed an alleged Turkish militant following a request from U.S. President Donald Trump, an Israeli official said on July 27 after the Washington Post reported that the deal was part of a failed White House bid to get Ankara to release an American detainee.
A U.S. bill that would restrict loans from international financial institutions to Turkey until it frees arrested U.S. citizens including American pastor Andrew Brunson cleared a Senate committee July 26, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported.
US President Trump has said that the US will impose large sanctions on Turkey for long time detainment of Pastor Brunson. US Senate also passed the bill that limits Turkey getting loan from international financial institutions last week

US Pastor Brunson Placed Under House Arrest

The US Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, who was behind bars on charge of “espionage” since December 2016, has been placed under house arrest.

Turkey to place US pastor under house arrest after over 600 days in prison

Andrew Brunson, on trial for alleged espionage, was released due to health issues after US policymakers threatened sanctions

An American pastor whose imprisonment for more than 600 days has tested relations between the US and Turkey has been released from jail and placed under house arrest, in an apparent concession to repeated demands by American policymakers who called the man’s detention a disgrace and threatened sanctions against Ankara.

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, welcomed Andrew Brunson’s release from prison – but said the decision did not go far enough.

Andrew Brunson, who was arrested after the failed 2016 coup in Turkey, is the focus of an intensive campaign by U.S. officials seeking his freedom.
The Ayvalık Penal Court of Peace has ruled that the book “History of Kurdistan”, whose first edition was confiscated by the State Security Court in 2001, shall be pulled off the shelves.
A Turkish court has accidentally blocked Google’s blogging platform Blogger due to a typo in its ruling, an expert said.

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