Last trip before the longer trip: In Ayvalık… (and in Bozcaada)

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Before going to Ayvalık to visit a long friend of mine, I stopped by Bozcaada (Tenedos in Greek). This is a view of the island from where I stayed.

Çetin has moved to Ayvalık for a while ago and before the US trip, I thought I must see him again. One of my long-lasting friendships… In my first stay in the US, he was the one I would regularly call and talk-off my loneliness in the early days…

He has bought and renovated a stone-house and he has opened up a little pretty pudding house called: Macaron Muhallebicisi

Macaron Muhallebicis

I stayed in a nice small hotel and guess what. One of the managers was my former student. I had no idea.

Well, you can stop by Sızmahan and say hello to Özge there.

Yes, you can drink/eat something right there inside the hotel…


I stopped by somewhere called Şeytan Sofrası (The Devil’s Meal Table) But nothing to be afraid of, I guess…

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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