#Europe agenda: “The Art of Europe’s Forgotten Avant-Garde Artists Now Digitized and Put Online…”Six ways Ireland’s abortion referendum could be hacked this week…

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Economically depleted but filled with the desire to pose questions about the future in radically new ways, postwar Europe would prove fertile ground for the development of avant-garde art. Though that environment produced a fair few stars over the second half of the twentieth century, their work represents only the tip of the iceberg: bringing the rest out of the depths and onto the internet has constituted the last few years’ work for Forgotten Heritage. A collaboration between institutions in Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, and Germany supported by Creative Europe, the project offers a database of European avant-garde art — including many works still daring, surprising, or just plain bizarre — never properly preserved and made available until now.

Six ways Ireland’s abortion referendum could be hacked this week

Anti-abortion money, Facebook ads and boots-on-the-ground volunteers have piled in from across the world to try and swing Friday’s historic vote. Will they succeed?

An anti-abortion activist confronts pro-choice campaigners in Dublin, 15 May 2018. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire/PA Images. All rights reserved.Terminating a pregnancy in Ireland is currently punishable with up to 14 years in prison. Polls suggest that while pro-choice campaigns appear to be ahead, one in six voters are not sure how they’ll vote in Friday’s historic abortion referendum, which means the result is too close to call.

Italy populist government pact: What you should know

Anti-establishment Five Star and the League have a plan for governing but no PM yet.

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