A Twitter message triggered a long list of heartbreaking human rights violations in the last decade…

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A political Twitter phenomenon Twittered this:

Many critical citizens started to subtweet announcing what moments they would not forget and thus would vote against the ruling party. I have read most of them at midnight a few days ago and I got very upset with some of the moments.


TravisandTylerDurden posted this photos. A group of deputies voting to save corrupt ministers. The process led to Reza Zarrab case in the US.

A huge selection can be found either under the Twitter message I shared above or here.

Here is my selection. But, honestly, this is not doing justice. All these are hard to digest… Among a people who continually boast to be merciful, tolerant etc such level of hostility… It is hard not to cry…



This is Kemal Kurkut just before he is shot down by police. The police claimed that he was a suicide bomber but when the moment he was shot was released, it just turned out to be another extra-judicial killing. It is hard to forget this image.

This lovely high school teacher was not presentable enough for the governor. He was scolded and a few days he died of a heart attack.

An image I can never forget. When he was dying, he said I will just be forgotten… Zafer Açıkgözoğlu, a temporary non-unionised laborer, was forced to clean sewer without protective measures. He was infected and died soon afterward.

Metin Lokumcu. 

Victims of Ankara Massacre

Victims of Ankara Massacre

Ah Ethem. One of the first Occupy Gezi martyrs. Police shot him in Ankara…


Tahir Elçi 🙁

In Tahir Elçi’s funeral.

Dilek Doğan. She made the mistake of asking policemen to wear overshoes when they entered Dilek’s house to detain her brother. In return, she was killed.

Victims of Suruç massacre by ISIS

Yusuf Yerkel, who is a candidate to be an AKP deputy in June elections is beating a protester in Some mining accident in which more than 300 miners died…

AKP deputies celebrate the vote result in which an Islamist foundation was whitewashed despite allegations of 46 male students being raped…

Son of a fallen soldier.

No respect for a funeral….

Egemen Bağış voting for himself not to be tried in the corruption case…

Ozancan Akkuş lost his life in another bombed attack in Ankara claimed by PKK

These Turkish soldiers were burned by ISIS. Many AKP voters will never see this because it was never announced in mainstream Turkish media…

Father of Ali İsmail Korkmaz, another iconic victim of Occupy Gezi. Ali was beaten to death…

Father of a fallen soldier.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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