Not good news from some taxi drivers in #istanbul: “Up to 10 years in jail sought for Istanbul taxi driver for overcharging Saudi tourist…

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Up to 10 years in jail sought for Istanbul taxi driver for overcharging Saudi tourist

Prosecutors in Istanbul are demanding up to 10 years in jail for a taxi driver who cheated a tourist from Saudi Arabia by unnecessarily extending a journey and thus charging him extra. The prosecutors accuse the taxi driver of committing “aggravated fraud.” The tourist stopped the tax in the Kadıköy

Istanbul’s porters, a dying breed

In years past, when the poor migrated to the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul from rural parts of Anatolia and failed to find streets paved with gold, many would join the hordes of porters crowding the busy bazaars and wholesale warehouses. Once, the porters’ children followed in their fathers’ footsteps, but

Risk analysis centers at Istanbul airports, bus stations deport over 2500 foreigners in three years

From June 2014 to 2017, risk analysis centers based at Istanbul’s bus stations and its two airports screened nearly 45,000 foreign suspects and deported over 2,500, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Feb. 21, citing a security source. The analysis center project was spearheaded by Istanbul Police …

A local’s guide to Istanbul’s new cool neighbourhood

Until recently, the neighbourhood of Kadıköy-Moda, on the Asian side of Istanbul at the southern end of the Bosphorus, was an unremarkable, mostly residential place that barely registered on the city’s cultural map. Over the past few years, however, it has become an unlikely hotspot for cutting-edge bars

Indifferent Cat Behind the Viral Escalator Video ‘Owns’ that Turkish Metro Station

After years of special treatment from riders, the feline feels comfortable resting anywhere she pleases at the station, ignoring the needs of the thousands that pass by her on a daily basis. The Taksim Metro Cat is one of countless city felines that calls Istanbul home and is watched out for by the adoring

Renewal of Istanbul’s historic Süleymaniye area to ‘start in April or May’

A project to renew part of Istanbul’s historic Süleymaniye neighborhood in the Fatih district is set to start “in April or May,” according to the local municipal authorities.


Istanbul Salutes a Great Jewish-American Architect

ISTANBUL — Saturday has always been the day for demonstrations in Istanbul. Recently they have been growing fewer, but the power of habit makes me stop sometimes and turn my ear to the distant tumult — until it turns out that what I am hearing from afar as a raucous demonstration is nothing but the

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