#Wikipedia is blocked in Turkey [allegedly] due to some content “that takes an equal stand between state of Turkey and terror organizations

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The reason is not officially stated but I have seen some Twitter users arguing about that. When there is no credible official sources, there will always be many explanations/ conspiracies. I believe there might be so much content Turkish authorities may not like because they cannot tolerate any different viewpoints to be documented, the very existence of why Wikipedia exists…

In any case, Turkey never surprises how shameful she can be in terms of internet freedom.

Turkey blocks Wikipedia under law designed to protect national security

Users trying to access online encyclopaedia via Turkish internet providers receive ‘connection timed out’ error message

Turkey has blocked Wikipedia, the country’s telecommunications watchdog said on Saturday, citing a law that allows it to ban access to websites deemed obscene or a threat to national security.

The move is likely to further worry rights groups and Turkey’s western allies, who say Ankara has curtailed freedom of speech and other basic rights in the crackdown that followed last year’s failed coup.

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The online encyclopaedia is inaccessible under an official order, but no reason was given.|

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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