R.I.P John Freely, ‘the memory of Istanbul,’ #istanbul news roundup

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John Freely, the well-known author of many history and travel books on Istanbul, Turkey and Greece, passed away on April 20 at age of 90.

R&K Insider: Inside Istanbul edition

Our woman in Istanbul took a tour through four neighborhoods in Istanbul with four very distinct views on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s

In Istanbul’s ‘Little Syria,’ refugees want more from US

Hussein Esfira, centre, cuts the meat of a sheep inside the butchery in so called ‘Little Syria’, the nickname for Istanbul’scentral Aksaray

Istanbul: A city divided ahead of Turkey referendum

With days to go until the vote, Istanbul is covered in referendum propaganda. The ruling AK Party’s “Evet” (“Yes”) campaign banners are plastered on …
Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace Museum is undergoing the most comprehensive restoration project in its history. The ongoing 24 projects are expected to cost 220 million Turkish Liras, Culture and Tourism Minister Nabi Avcı has said in a statement

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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