Some opportunists are quick to cease National search engine moment!

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Today Hürriyet published a news story entitled as “our national search engine is coming! Gelioo [a slightly teenager misspell of ‘it is coming’]

Two Turkish engineers/ enterpreneurs, Hakan Atabaş and Fatih Arslan stated that they have been working on this national search engine for 10 years and they have invested more than 10 million liras (nearly 2,5 million Euros) so far. 

When you go to Gelioo home page it says it is at the Beta stage now.

Entrepreneurs were quick to write a letter to President Erdoğan for financial and emotional help.

However, it was quick to see that Geliyoo relies on Google Search to retrieve search inquiries. According to the Cumhuriyet story it would cost 15 USD and it would take 10 minutes to set up a site like that (!)

In yet another finding, a Twitter user was quick to show that the logo of Geliyoo might be stolen:



Another Twitter user created a website claiming to be a search engine (Gidiyoo [It is going…] that is a rival to Geliyoo, to make fun of the latter.

In Gidiyoo’s home page it says it was built in 1 hour and it costed 60 Liras. In the second line it asks what happened to 10 million liras in 10 years. When you click on Kendimi şansssız hissediyorum [I feel myself unlucky], it goes to a search on Turkey’s 2016 budgetary deficit:)


Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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