Meanwhile #istanbul now suffering a heavy snow storm… not seen for some years…

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source: @dokuz8haber

Bosphorus closed, flights cancelled, schools closed, traffic density %90 last evening…

Forecast snowfall and cold weather have badly affected Istanbul’s rush-hour traffic, increasing the traffic density to up to 90 percent.

Number of foreign tourists visiting Istanbul plunges for first time in 16 years

The number of foreign tourists visiting Istanbul declined to 9.2 million in 2016, a 26 percent decrease compared to the previous year, data from the

Hamid Dabashi with whom I had the honor to meet, had a good articles on İstanbul: 

Istanbul was our past, Istanbul is our future

This attack is on the culture of tolerance, on the pluralism of Muslim countries that is represented in Istanbul.

An American Expatriate on Why She’s Not Leaving Istanbul

Hansen, on a terrace in her Istanbul neighborhood. The author arrived in 2007, and the city was in a liberated, optimistic, even raucous mood

Istanbul to suffer from power outages for another day

Electricity blackouts were still ongoing in Istanbul on Jan. 2, as officials say Turkey’s largest city and nearby provinces will continue to suffer from power outages on Jan. 3
Istanbul’s historic Yerebatan Cistern has been undergoing a restoration process, which is the most comprehensive one after 500 years. The columns, walking areas, entrance, exit sections and some other parts will be reorganized

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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