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Bu arada Polonya, Malbork’ta “Castle of the Teutonic Order” via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

#journalism agenda: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launches Wikitribune, to combat fake news…

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I have already donated! 🙂

Wikipedia’s founder wants to fight fake news with a crowdfunded news site

Jimmy Wales is all about grand ideas: 16 years ago, he co-founded Wikipedia, one of the largest compendiums of information on the planet. Now, he’s out to tackle the plague of fake news on the web with a new venture called Wikitribune. Wikitribune is a global news site that will feature stories by professional journalists; their articles will be vetted and fact-checked by volunteers, and efforts will be made to ensure maximum possible transparency about the sources of information for each piece.

Good things can happen when a crowd goes to work on trying to figure out a problem in journalism. At the same time, completely crowdsourced news investigations can go bad without oversight — as when, for example, a group of Redditors falsely accused someone of being the Boston Marathon bomber. An entirely crowdsourced investigation with nobody to oversee it or pay for it will probably go nowhere. At the same time, trust in the media is low and fact-checking efforts have become entwined with partisan politics.

Jimmy Wales’ new Wikitribune

Jimmy Wales changed encyclopedias and news while he was at it. And now he’s at it at it again, announcing a crowdfunding campaign to start Wikitribune, a collaborative news platform with “professional journalists and community contributors working side-by-side to produce fact-checked, global news stories. The community of contributors will vet the facts, help make sure the language is factual and neutral, and will to the maximum extent possible be transparent about the source of news posting full transcripts, video, and audio of interviews.” The content will be free with monthly patrons providing as much support as possible, advertising as little as possible.

Jimmy Wales, one of the minds behind the internet’s cheat sheet, Wikipedia, has launched a new, unaffiliated website called the WikiTribune.

On the site’s opening video message, Wales adjusts his glasses and tosses out the site’s lofty ambition: “The news is broken, but we’ve figured out how to fix it.”

For news organizations, the promise of VR has been marred by a handful of challenges that have so far made it difficult to justify wholesale investment in the technology.

That’s clear from a new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism that takes an in-depth look at the state of VR news in 2017. The conclusion: despite some earnest early efforts among news organizations, widespread adoption of the technology among consumers is still years away.

Meet HuffPost: New leadership, new look, new name

When talking about the future of the Huffington Post brand, editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen points to the homepage “splash” following the news that Bill O’Reilly had been let go from Fox News.

The Huffington Post has pulled no punches with its tabloid-inspired homepage splashes.

“BILLY ON THE STREET,” its Bill O’Reilly story announced.

HE WENT TO JARED,” another proclaimed (Jared Kushner, that is).

Here’s another, on Rep. Devin Nunes:

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Bu arada Venezuela’da. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

As European Commission urges ‘different type of relations’ with Turkey, “Ankara prosecutors launch probe into ex-French diplomat for ‘inciting’ Erdoğan’s assassination…

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The European Union executive urged EU governments yesterday (24 April) to consider changing its relationship with Turkey after a referendum that handed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sweeping powers put Ankara’s stalled membership talks deeper into cold storage.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on April 25 decided to reopen a monitoring process against the country

US: Turkish man charged with serious national security crime

The Iranian-born Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab has denied charges against him in the case over attempting to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran, while Mehmet Hakan Atilla, a deputy general manager of Halkbank, said he has no connection to the case

Ankara prosecutors launch probe into ex-French diplomat for ‘inciting’ Erdoğan’s assassination: Spokesperson

The Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office has launched a probe into a former French diplomat on charges of “instigation of the assassination of the president,” a presidential spokesperson said on April 24.

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Ördekler askjshdakfjah via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Turkey in Europe: “Detained Journalist From Italy Released, Deported

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Angelino Alfano, Minister of Interior of Italy has announced that Gabriele Del Grande, a journalist from Italy who had been in custody since April 9, was released and sent to Italy. – Dec 14, 2016, 9:01 PM

Ruthless Assault on Press Freedom Shields State from Scrutiny Cumhuriyet Journalists Held; Kurdish Media Closed; Mayors Jailed On the night of July 15, 2016, elements of the Turkish military staged an attempt to overthrow the democratically elected

The presidential system Erdoğan wants to introduce received far more support from Turks in Europe than from those living in Turkey itself. According to the state news agency Anadolu, almost 60 percent of European Turks voted Yes in the referendum. What does the result tell us about the integration of Turks in Europe, and what action should be taken?
Releasing its report on the referendum on April, 16 Vote and Beyond organization pointed out approximately that there was inconsistency regarding 100,000 votes in 94% of the protocols which could be compared.

Austria threatens crackdown on illegal dual citizenship holders after Turkey vote

Over 100,000 eligible-to-vote Turks live in Austria. It is estimated 10% of those hold illegal dual citizenship. Austria’s interior minister wants to take action against this following Sunday’s (16 April) Turkish referendum. EURACTIV Germany reports.

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From Turkey with love: Taksim Square, Tulips and Security Personnel securing tulips…

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Istanbul municipality has a special like for tulips. Due to crisis with Netherlands, tulip business might have shifted but still Taksim Square was decorated with islands of tulips. However, municipality stated that in order to protect tulips, security personnel are on duty:













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#cyberculture agenda: A British citizen used a Google doc to disseminate tactical vote…

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The resistance is alive in Britain, and it’s armed with a spreadsheet.

A super detailed, exquisitely crafted Google spreadsheet called “How to Vote to Stop the Tories” started doing the rounds on social media almost immediately after a snap election was called last Tuesday.

here is the doc

Rising of Facebook Activism: How Media Is Being Politicized

Right now, in the 21st century, everything is political. Even the private issues and the views become about politics, and the young people are the ones who can’t draw the line and are dragging politics into their daily life. This way, even the social media becomes a part of the political struggle and you can see more and more activists for something online.

The Structure of Facebook Activism Explained

Opinion: An appreciation of Bob Taylor, the man who helped Silicon Valley’s greats understand the importance of teamwork.

Facebook’s VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri recently presented a session on how the News Feed works and what they’re looking to introduce next.

Augmented reality, Messenger upgrades, and more. The post Here’s Everything

Welp. Turns out AI learns gender and race stereotypes from humans.

When humans teach computers how to behave, the machines have no choice but to learn from us.


The Internet of Things will host devastating, unstoppable botnets

Bruce Schneier takes to the pages of Technology Review to remind us all that while botnets have been around for a long time, the Internet of Things is supercharging them, thanks to insecurity by design.

A new law has allowed the feds to declare war on one of the world’s most pernicious cybersecurity threats.

Why it’s totally possible this group of hackers is the CIA

To folks at the cybersecurity firm Symantec, the hacking group they call “Longhorn” has always seemed like a state actor.

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Bu arada Kahire’de. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

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Son 7 yılda gerçekleşen küresel silah ticareti verisi görselleştirilmiş. Reddit’in yalancısıyım. via Facebook Pages