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Fal doğru çıkmış olabilir. via @GecmisGazete via Facebook Pages

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Milli Eğitim. via Facebook Pages

Turkish justice at work: “Professor İştar Gözaydın Arrested”

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Professor İştar Gözaydın has been arrested on the 8th day of her being detained as part of the “FETÖ/PDY Investigation” launched into Gediz University from which she was suspended.

In other upsetting news:

Vice PM Kurtulmuş has made a statement following Council of Ministers meeting. He retorted to Cumhuriyet reporter Sinan Tartanoğlu’s question about the allegation that “ISIS burnt two soldiers from Turkey”.
Lawyers for daily Cumhuriyet have filed separate, individual applications to the Constitutional Court on behalf of 10 journalists and managers who have been under arrest on terror charges in Istanbul’s Silivri prison for 59 days, the daily reported on Dec. 28
An Istanbul court has ruled to defer a verdict in an insult case in which former President Abdullah Gül’s chief adviser was convicted of committing the crime against current President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s chief adviser

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New Turkey aesthetics: Did you like the new presidential palace guard uniforms?

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Turkey has been copying others in the arts, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says during the annual presentation of the Presidential Great Culture and Art Awards

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New @TESEV2015 report: “Sustainable Cities e-Participation for a Politics of Local Commons”

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by Ulaş Bayraktar


The idea of sustainable development has been transformed into a concrete program under 17 headings within the United Nations Global Goals. According to the Sustainable Development Goals Index (SDG) prepared within this framework, Turkey ranks 48th among 149 countries with a score of 66.1. In the fulfillment of sustainable development goals, participatory city governments play a major role and new opportunities have emerged. Citizen participation can be achieved through a range of methods and scopes, such as information, consultation, inclusion, cooperation, and empowerment, and Internet technologies open up considerable opportunities for these, although preexisting structural and cultural problems that precede these mechanisms endure. This report argues that the participatory practices inspired by the idea of the commons could make a significant contribution to making these participatory practices more functional.

Policy Recommendations: 

1. Bringing forth city values that could be shared by all citizens, in order to enhance the bonds of belonging, and organizing activities which would foster these bonds; 2. For those who continue to express their sense of belonging to their original home lands inspire of being residents of the same city, creating public occasions that would bring people together, facilitate mutual acquaintance and develop a minimum level of mutual trust; 3. Enabling information mechanisms that would enable people to understand the necessity and importance of participation, and which would make popular monitoring possible, as well as keep administrators informed of public expectations and choices; 4. Developing practices differing from the usual hierarchical organizational types in order to facilitate and encourage the gathering of people sharing similar problems and preferences.

Full report here



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Reddit’teki Hayali Mimariler serisinden: “The colony by Jean-François Liesenborghs” via Facebook Pages

#Cyberculture – Top 5 Threats to Transparency (by EFF)

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Top 5 Threats to Transparency: 2016 in Review

As we approach the end of 2016, it’s disturbing to note the wide variety of ways in which government transparency has languished—even under an administration rhetorically committed to it. With the next administration poised to even further extend executive secrecy, it becomes ever more crucial for the courts and Congress to aggressively seek meaningful answers to questions for which the public deserves an answer.

Below are EFF’s top 5 threats to transparency in 2016:

From algorithms that spread fake news to glowing plants that don’t glow, here are our picks for the worst technologies of the year.

11 technologies to watch in 2017


Much like The Force, technology surrounds us, penetrates us and binds together our galaxy, which is why it’s so hard to identify which technologies might have the most significant impact in the coming year.

The 9 tech fights to watch in 2017

In 2017, tech companies will have to adapt to a new reality. President Trump and his cabinet of billionaires will shape government regulation for companies across the tech industry.


Love or hate Facebook, you’ve got to hate Facebook.


With the rise of new opportunities for commerce and marketing and more user engagement than ever in the mobile space, mobile-first has been the focus for 2016. Still, some marketers are still struggling. A study from Opera Mediaworksprovides some insight into this year’s growth.

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It seems that Turkey declared war to Uber…

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According to a new story at Hürriyet traffic police all over the country are warned by Ministry to fine Uber drivers and customers.  Uber drivers will be classified as pirate taxi services… On the other hand, Uber Turkey Twitter account stated they have all the required licences, all should be fine… We will see… 


In the mean time,


Turkey targets $2 bln from TV series

Turkish TV series are sold to 200 countries, which some of them are valued at around $250,000 per episode
Published on Dec 12, 2013

Dr. Refet Gürkaynak
Department of Economics, Bilkent University.
“Turkish Economy during the AKP Rule”
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Devrim: first car designed and produced in Turkey (1961)

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Bu arada İrlanda’da… via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

The first Istanbul trial over coup plot begins today…

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 Turkish police in court for first Istanbul trial over coup plot

Twenty-nine police officers appear in court accused of trying to overthrow the Turkish president.

Tight security marks start of 29 Gülen suspect policemen’s trail in Istanbul

The first trial into Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt began in Istanbul on Dec. 27 amid tight security measures at a courthouse on the outskirts of the city
The Parliamentary Constitution Committee agreed on the first two items of a 21-article constitutional proposal at its seventh meeting on Dec. 26 amid fierce arguments between the ruling and opposition parties over the procedure for panel discussions

Turkish Police Arrest Journalists, Call Them “Armenian Scums”

The email archive was later indexed by WikiLeaks, which remains banned in Turkey. On Sunday morning, Turkish Police arrested Diken’s former editor Tunca Ogreten, Dihaber’s editor Omer Celik and journalist Metin Yoksu, Yolculuk website editor-in-chief

In case you want to write to jailed HDP deputies…


A gag order has been issued by Ankara 7th Criminal Judgeship of Peace on reports about assassination of Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

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