It seems Tor network blocked in Turkey…

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Turkey reportedly blocks Tor network nationwide

Having a voice online is becoming increasingly difficult for Web users in Turkey, where President Erdogan is ramping up measures to curtail free speech and the media. Watchdog group Turkey Blocks noted that the Tor anonymity network has now been blocked, following similar tactics last month taken to prevent users from accessing VPN services and some social media sites. #Tor network blocked in Turkey as government cracks down on #VPN use: technical report — Turkey Blocks (@TurkeyBlocks) December 18, 2016 Unlike previous instances of censorship which were triggered by specific events, it seems like this might just be a
Turkey blocks Tor’s anonymity network

Turkey’s President Erdogan and the ruling AKP party are increasingly bent on silencing online dissent, and that now affects you even if you’re smart enough to evade typical censorship methods. Watchdog group Turkey Blocks has confirmed that Turkey is…



Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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