EDRI Statement: “State of emergency worsens digital crackdown in Turkey”

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New York Times – Rod Nordland – Nov 17, 2:40 AM

The jailings are the most obvious example of an effort to muzzle not just the free press, but free speech generally. More than 3,000 Turks have faced charges for insulting the president, including a former Miss Turkey, Merve Buyuksarac, who posted

EDRi – Nov 16, 7:38 AM

According to a new report by Freedom House, web freedom across the globe declined for the sixth consecutive year. Turkey placed among the red-flag states in terms of web freedom in 2015-2016 and is now rated “not free” in

Reuters – Ercan Gurses – Nov 16, 6:43 AM

ANKARA President Tayyip Erdogan could govern Turkey until 2029 with expanded executive powers under proposals the ruling AK Party hopes will go to a referendum next spring, officials who have seen the latest draft told Reuters on Wednesday. Erdogan

Turkish journalist Can Dündar has criticised Europe for prolonging its dependence on his homeland when it comes to managing the refugee crisis. He also lamented the continent’s relegation of human rights on its list of priorities.

In his petition he submitted to court, Hrant Dink’s murderer Ogün Samast has written that he doesn’t have life safety and won’t testify unless he is sent to an open prison.

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