Cyberculture agenda: Selfie Diplomacy… Tim Berners-Lee’s letter to “‘Save the open internet in Europe…

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Last week I published an analysis of the Twitter profile pictures of MFAs(ministries of foreign affairs). I argued that such images may be a form of Selfie Diplomacy as profile pictures enable social media users to construct an online identity and communicate that identity to their networks.

This week I endeavored to analyze the Twitter profile pictures of world leader. Notably, I analyzed leaders’ personal account rather than their institutional ones (i.e., @BarackObama rather than @POTUS). The reason for this choice was an attempt to understand if such accounts are used for international or intra-national purposes.

‘Save the open internet in Europe,’ pleads web inventor Tim Berners-Lee

Date published:
July 15, 2016

“Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, has made an impassioned argument in favor of net neutrality in Europe, calling on European citizens to stop legislation that could see the creation of so-called internet “fast lanes.”

Bitcoin: innovation of money and evolution of governance

All users play a crucial role in governance, as they are what ultimately gives Bitcoin value. People can choose to be equal under the law of mathematics.

Surveillance, power and communication

Coalitions of actors – scholars, activists, some politicians, and even some captains of industry, will need to collaborate if the pathway we are following to a calculated, unequal future is to change.

Algorithmic drawing X11. Flickr/ Brett Renfer. Some rights reserved.This presentation is organised around three keywords:  Surveillance, Power and Communication. Another keyword is algorithm. This keyword was omitted from my original title – perhaps there was a worry that this talk would be very technical.  It won’t be.


Microsoft turns the popular game into an “AI Olympics.”

In the end, Google in Europe could wind up a very different thing than Google at home.

The first study of swiping strategies on Tinder shows just how different male and female mating behavior can be.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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