A new controversial project for Istanbul announced abruptly! #KabataşaDokunma

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Out of nowhere Istanbul municipality announced a new project for a busy transportation sea vessels hub: Kabataş. The project to be completed in 3 years…  Activists on alert:

kabataş 1 kabatas büyük ada

Odd jobs in Istanbul for young Syrians who dreamed big

But Ahmad has no regrets over his decision to head to Istanbul two years ago — even though he earns only 900 Turkish liras ($310) a month as a …

Je Suis Istanbul (& Dhaka & Baghdad & Medina)

Family members and friends of the victims of the Istanbul attack paid tribute at a memorial service last week at Ataturk Airport. (Photo: Emrah Gurel/AP).

UNESCO to discuss sites destroyed by ISIL, heritage list inIstanbul

U.N. cultural agency UNESCO will gather inIstanbul on July 10 to review candidates to join its prestigious World Heritage List, ranging from

PHOTOS: The Beauty of IstanbulCan’t Be Extinguished

Liam Campbell states, “Istanbul [is] Turkey’s (as well as Europe’s) largest city. It’s also the LGBT capital of the Moslem world with a vibrant society

Sleepless by the strait: my haunting return to Istanbul

My connection with Istanbul is a swinging pendulum. I love the city dearly; I go back to it — her, for Istanbul is a She City — with a pounding heart

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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