Eurosphere agenda: “post-Brexit vote racist incidents, in one depressing Facebook album…

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LONDON — A wave of reported racist incidents targeting European migrants across the country has followed the Brexit vote.

The fallout from Brexit would have claimed the scalp of any other politician, but Jean-Claude Juncker appears to be bullet-proof. Never has his unaccountability to the people been so obvious, writes James Crisp.
The conservative PP led by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has won the new elections ahead of the Socialists and the left-wing alliance Unidos Podemos. But just like half a year ago none of the parties has a clear majority and the country will find it difficult to form a government. Whether Rajoy can continue to govern depends on the Socialists – and on possible EU deficit sanctions, commentators believe.

Through a referendum, the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Photo from the Flickr page of portal gda, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As it happened: First EU summit post-Brexit

Following the UK’s historic decision to leave the EU, member states convened in Brussels to begin the unprecedented decision of discussing the terms of its divorce. Follow EurActiv’s live blog below for all the developments as they happened.
Clashing scales of Brexit

Mainstream newspapers, politicians and commentators across Europe instantly expressed dejection and bitterness in the face of the Brexit outcome, and avid Brexiteers have typically been portrayed as xenophobes and bigots, Little Englanders or foolish opportunists incapable of understanding the dangerous ramifications and likely Domino effects of their choice. This view is overbearing and inaccurate: complaints […]

The Leave campaign’s old homepage, which once linked to screen after screen of promises about the UK’s bright future out of the EU, is now just a static banner, with no way to navigate to those pages

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