Cyberculture agenda: “Timeline: The rise of bitcoin”…

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Timeline: The rise of bitcoin

A look at the history of bitcoin, the world’s newest and potentially most powerful currency.

The FBI has “hundreds of millions of dollars” to spend on developing technology for use in both national security and domestic law enforcement investigations — but it won’t reveal the exact amount.

4 ways gamification is advancing cybersecurity

There’s no doubt that the cybersecurity industry is in dire straits. Each year, data breaches are growing in size, numbers and severity while the cybersecurity talent gap is widening and there aren’t enough experts to fill vacant posts. And with internet-based services encroaching over every aspect of our lives and tasks, new vulnerabilities are sprouting every day, providing malicious actors with new possibilities and attack vectors to carry out their evil deeds. Every person, every connected device and every piece of software running on the network can become an exploit opportunity, and there’s only so much that can be done…
Political campaigns can be refined by the analysis of “big data” to analyse and target voters. The challenge is knowing how best to use the data, said Guillaume Liegey.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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