EU was ‘unsure’ what Davutoğlu exit means for Turkey migrant deal BUT Erdoğan was CLEAR: “We Go Our Way, You Go Yours

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In his speech held in Eyüp, President Erdoğan has made statements as to EU visa liberalisation, Prime Minister Davutoğlu, rising tension in parliament and the presidential system.
The European Union is ‘unsure’ how the departure of Turkey’s prime minister will affect the deal he struck with the EU to curb migration, the EU’s foreign affairs chief said on May 5, as Brussels watched events in Ankara with unease
A delegation of co-rapporteurs from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is set to pay a fact-finding visit to Turkey in the coming week
Erdoğan: Turkey will not alter anti-terror laws for visa-free travel in EU

President dismisses condition set out by Brussel when it gave provisional approval to key part of deal on migrants and refugees

May 1 İstanbul Report From İHD

According to the İstanbul May 1 report of Human Rights Association, İstanbul Office, 231 persons have been taken into custody in İstanbul on May 1. A TOMA running over a citizen constituted the severest rights violation.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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