Kanal İstanbul Project Approved in Omnibus Bill… Istanbul news roundup…

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Kanal İstanbul Project has been awarded a legal basis by being characterizes as “waterway” in the omnibus bill approved by TBMM General Assembly.

Springtime in Istanbul

In Istanbul, April is the loveliest month. With the last of winter behind them, locals can indulge in numerous entertainments that herald the arrival of .

US warns of ‘credible threat’ to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya

There are credible threats to people visiting tourist areas in Turkey, particularly inIstanbul and Antalya, the US embassy in the country warned its ..
The 11th annual Istanbul Tulip Festival has opened with an official ceremony in the Emirgan Forest on the city’s European side

Seconds from death: Five-storey Istanbul building crumbles in flash (VIDEO)

Terrified bystanders have captured the moment an abandoned building in Turkey smashed into neighboring residential homes, almost crushing a

Building collapses in Istanbul

… Chat |; Staff Blog |; More Blogs |; Browse Channels. Building collapses in Istanbul. Building was under repair, no casualties have been reported

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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