Embrace for more tension. One killed in Lice in statue destruction… 25 Turkish police officers arrested in İzmir…

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Media preview

One unarmed protester shot dead and statue destroyed.

bianet interviewed HDP Diyarbakır Provincal Organization Co-chair Zübeyde Zümrüt following the death of one person within the rising of tension in Lice over the statue of PKK co-founder Mahsum Korkmaz.
TSK'dan Lice açıklaması: 250 kişilik grup saldırdı
By Seyhmus Cakan DIYARBAKIR Turkey (Reuters) – A Kurdish protester was shot dead and two others were wounded in southeastern Turkey on Tuesday in clashes with security forces dismantling a statue of a prominent Kurdish militant, a local rights group said. The protesters in the Lice district of Diyarbakir, the main regional city, were trying to stop authorities from demolishing the statue of .
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57Frederike Geerdink ‏@fgeerdink   today mehdin taskin was added to this list of #kurds murdered by the state during the ceasefire: via @bdpgenclik2013

Swoop in cities including Istanbul and Izmir province is part of investigation linked to government corruption claims
The list of detentions include 32 people, including a former İzmir police intelligence deputy head
Outgoing President Abdullah Gül conferred the Order of Merit of the Republic of Turkey on Dr. Feroz Ahmad on Aug. 19 for the professor’s work on Turkish history
Activits claim the controversial and ambitious new complex will spoil the city’s silhouette
Turkish officials are studying a ‘vacancy map’ to outline sectors that would need Syrian employment

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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